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    I went back to 1.4.5 because of issues. But still when I go into the app catalogue and try to download an app over my data plan the download fails?? I am with BellM and was wondering if anyone else can download any apps while on your data connection, if so what are some of your settings such as data roaming etc. I can download while on wifi but when I am at work I do not have access to wifi so how am I to download an app at work if I see one that I want. Also while using my data connection I can still get onto facebook, the web, preware and even get into the app catalogue but can't download from it??????
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    Lots of people on Bell have reported this exact issue lately. Dunno what to tell you other than yell at Bell and maybe try
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    Palm is currently investigating this issue to identify if the issue is on our end or on Bell's end.

    Since you are able to download apps over Wi-Fi it doesn't "appear" to be an App Catalog issue, but instead a carrier related issue, however everything has not been ruled out and we are extensively researching the issue.
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    Thanks for the insight, I also think that may be the issue with 2.x not working so well because of the BellM network something just doesnLt jive right between the two!!
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    I was having issues with 2.1 on Bell as Gmail account would not sync properly and I went back to 1.4.5 and had issues downloading apps and could not figure it out and it was rather irritating.

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