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    I have a Pre- on 1.4.5 and I use the alarm clock daily. I cannot understand the snooze behavior. If the alarm goes off and I hit a button on the phone to quiet it (the power button for example), the phone is forever stuck on Dismiss/Snooze screen until I actually unlock the phone and hit snooze to initiate snooze. This does not always happen when I'm just coming out of sleep and my mind is not fully alert. Needless to say, I've failed to wake up on more than one occasion.

    I looked in Preware but it doesn't appear there's a patch to change the snooze behavior so that snooze kicks in when the alarm is silenced. Is there one already?
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    if you press the volume rocker while the alarm is going off in 1.4.5, it simply mutes it but continues going. There is no hardware snooze in 1.4.5. There is a patch to put space in between the snooze and dismiss on screen options so you don't accidentaly press dismiss. In webOS 2.1, if you press the power button, it actually snoozes the alarm and shows on screen how many minutes are left in the snooze. Use the metadoctor to put 2.1 on your device! I did it on my sprint pre and its works great!
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    Yeah, 1.4.5 didnt have a great alarm. They fixed that in 2.1 as mentioned above. You can also hit the snooze button right on the screen without unlocking the phone first. Its nice.
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    Hmm... I'm surprised a patch isn't out there to hardware snooze on 1.x. All of my dumb phones in the past had hardware snooze; I can't understand out why Palm designed the snooze this way.
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    I havent used the alarm on webos since it drained my battery back in august 09...

    Every alarm I have owned, if you take no action on the alarm (no snooze, no button press.. Nothing) for exactly 1 hour, the alarm stops ringing, as it believes it will be ignored.

    Webos back then, continued until the battery is dead...

    Has this changed? If not can we get a patch for it?

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