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    Quote Originally Posted by warlord9159 View Post
    pm me
    I am 17 and create WebOS apps. Check them out and help support my work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbz View Post
    Nice - when I was in high school, our methods to cure boredome were much less.... constructive.
    When I was in school, there was no stuff like smartphones. But we learned a bit of Comal programming and one lesson was to design a working analog clock.
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    looks really nice!
    Developer of iCopter 2.2 for webOS.

    If you have any remark, complain or feature request, let me know :
    iCopter 2.1 Precentral thread
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    Awesome! I love the TRON themed one, can't wait for it to be available...please tell me 1.4.5 will be supported in the patches.

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