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    I'll admit it, I can be a bit deliberate in some areas. Had been holding off loading my MP3s from the Centro onto the Pre (Sprint Classic Pre). Just kept using the centro as an MP3 player. Didn't want to clutter up the PRE's storage. So I finally took the plunge last week. Had a few spare moments at work on a break. Snagged the Micro card from the Centro and dumped the MP3s into an AUDIO folder on the PRE as a USB drive. Fairly straight forward, easy enough file swap. Then plugged in the headphones and voila! My old familiar tunes! A call came in, the tunes stopped, I didn't have to press any buttons, just answer the call. When the caller hung up - BINGO! Tunes started back up!

    WOW! Imagine that!

    Then I went another step farther and transferred tons of photos and some videos from another flash drive onto the PRE. Sorted them a bit, created new folders on the USB Pre.

    I already have a multitude of Documents, excel sheets and several Powerpoint presentations on the PRE. But even after this massive move of media I'm happy to see I still have 3GB of storage available! I do wish though that the PRE allowed on device set up of playlists, photo descriptions and filing.

    Not certain if its a result of the file influx or maybe from a few new patches and a couple new Apps downloaded, but several times lately I've received the "Too Many Cards" error when in fact there were only two cards open! granted it seems that at least one of these cards was a web site ( full not mobile) and could have possibly still been working in the background. But all in all even though I waited much longer than most to access the MP3 ability of the Pre. I am happy that it works without issues and sounds great either through the headphones or just open speaker!
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    Install F105 Kernel or Uberkernel, should take care of your TMC problems.
    Also give the Increase Speaker Headset Volume patch a try, does wonders to the playback volume. There's a version for bluetooth as well if you listen to your music via bluetooth headphones.
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    will look into those kernals. Have to admit am a bit leery of delving in to kernal changes on my only communication device. Don't have bluetooth headphones, only have used the set included with the Pre. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    There are alternative music players that will let you create playlists on device. If you're on 1.4.5, the publicly available ones are Music Player Remix and Amigo, you can find them in Preware.

    As for filing, not sure what you mean...but if you get Internalz Pro, you can use it to move files around and create folders and such from device. It would be nice to be able to manage that from the Photos app, though, I hope Palm gets that together before the Touchpad drops, it'd be kind of embarrassing otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgewizard View Post
    will look into those kernals. Have to admit am a bit leery of delving in to kernal changes on my only communication device.
    You can force them to run at the standard 500mhz if you choose. Will still take care of TMC errors. FWIW I've experienced no problems with overclocking on those Kernels (I, along with many others, have been overclocking for a while with no ill effects). Just today I switched to F104a to get the 1.1ghz (I was using F105 @ 1ghz). This thing is screaming fast, whole different experience when overclocked.

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