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    Well, I dropped my Pre minus on concrete and cracked the screen so the touch screen does not work at all. Is there anyway to access the call log either through the keypad or any other way??

    Thanks in advance-
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    if you are in dev mode already, you can copy the palmdatabase.db3 to your pc, and the info is probably spread across a bunch of tables in that file.
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    Hey thanks but there's no keyboard shortcuts to access the phone app itself????
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    You could Just Type 'phone' hit enter and it will open the phone. If you have the open to call log patch you might be able to see what you're looking for if it's a recent call. You won't be able to scroll down though.

    edit: There IS an 'open to call log' patch, right?
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    using the database would allow you to access the call list from your PC. If your lcd is broken I'm assuming you can't read it.

    otherwise, use the patch to open to call log. Not sure how to page down if the list is long.
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    I am experiencing the exactly same problem here. The screen is broken, I can open the phone-mode using the shortcut but there is no way to access the call log, since the button won't work.
    I don't have dev mode enabled. What can I do now? I am quite desperate
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    How do you open the phone mode using a shortcut????
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    I enter "phone" on my keyboard and then I use the upper left part of my panel, which fortunately is still working.
    Edit: if you press phone + enter you can circumvent the display completely.
    Unfortunately not for the call log
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    OK so maybe I'm missing something - PHONE KEY + ENTER KEY - which key is the phone key??
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    Quote Originally Posted by landford View Post
    OK so maybe I'm missing something - PHONE KEY + ENTER KEY - which key is the phone key??
    Type the word phone (P-H-O-N-E) on your phone's keyboard, and then press enter. There is no "phone key". They're telling you to type the word phone by spelling it out with each of the letters....
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    Hmmmmmm.......never knew that.
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    Anyway, is there a chance to access call log with my broken display?
    Thanks in advance!!

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