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    so I doctored my pre...and some of the stuff I've downloaded didn't show up. I upgraded to the 1.4.5 and I was able to get angrybirds back....but I don't remember anything else I there a list of it would I get this stuff back...should I do an erase and log back in my profile? Thanks in advanced
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    there prob is, and someone else will hopefully tell you how, but it is worth mentioning that some games have been removed from the app cat - for instance gameloft's brain challenge. I actually contacted palm who said to contact gameloft. On contacting gameloft, they would offer no refund - just a credit towards a game on another platflorm (ie android). I told gameloft I wasn't interested (pre is my only phone), so they said get back in touch with palm. Palm said that there was nothing they could do as gameloft got the majority of the $ when I bought the app.

    not an answer to your question, I know...

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