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    I got my first Pre on opening day (06/06/09) and was pretty excited about it. Unfortunately, I had some light bleeding on my LCD display and once I noticed it, I couldn't get over it. About a week and half after upgrading, I swapped it out for my current Pre, which has held up "relatively" well. It had an ever so-slight oreo from the beginning, but it never got worse. About half a year ago, I bought some Touchstones on clearance, so the back got an upgrade.

    Yesterday, the power button finally gave out on me! As I was fixing it with a rubber band, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my Pre here.

    I'm hoping that those of you who are still using an original Sprint Pre will post pictures for comparison. Mine has been roughed up a bit, but it's still hanging in there! I only use the factory case, as I like my Pre bare nekkid. Feel free to post Pre+ and Pixis as well.

    Come on HP & Sprint, work something out!
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