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    Subject line says it all.

    I have a Pre- in virtually mint condition. I also have a Pre Plus, that has a slight crack in the top left corner of the screen. Nothing earth-shattering, doesn't interfere with function - but irritating.

    Is it a) possible and b) practical to swap the Pre- screen into the Plus? I've seen threads where Plus screens were used in - devices, but not much the other way.
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    So if it's possible, how practical is it? I've seen teardowns that look, quite frankly, daunting. Where are the "guts" of the phone itself - in the back slider with the keyboard or the screen slider? I suppose I'm asking if I could disassemble the devices to the point where I've separated the two screen sliders, then just switch them round - would that be good enough?
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    Cobblers. Was hoping that wouldn't be the case. Ah well, I think it's probably too much like hard work for the benefit I'd get. The crack literally covers the top left corner enough to obscure the first letter of the network operator - otherwise it's fine. I'm confident at disassembling things that unclip and unscrew but the Pre seems slightly more complex.
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    For a first timer.. This is not so easy of a swap.. Use the existing teardowns to get the comm boards seperat.. THEN there are 4 screws on the slider mechanism 1 bt the 3G connector on the right side .. 1 under the slider towards the top right an 2 more parallel on the opposite side..

    You need to be extra careful as you can give yourself an oreo otherewise

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    I will tryto post pics.. But I warn.. This is NOT for the faint of heart

    Btw.. There are more steps after removing the slider.. But will try to post them later
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