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    I'm still running webOS 1.45 on my VZW Pre+. I was hoping to wait for VZW to make an official upgrade route to 2.1 available, but I'm starting to wonder if that will ever happen. Is it time to use the metadoctor route? Is it safe for a primary phone?

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    Up to you if you want to do it or not.

    WebOS 2 Upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by webOS Internals wiki

    This is a process that uses official HP software in unofficial ways. You should always be prepared for the unlikely possibility that your device may be completely wiped and your Palm profile may be permanently destroyed. Do not proceed unless you have made appropriate backups and are OK with that. Working knowledge of MetaDoctor and Linux systems in general is needed.

    If you feel the need to ask whether you should do this on your primary phone, then you should not, as that indicates that you have not yet taken the required precautions and backups in case something goes wrong.
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    Don't do it!, you've too much to live for.
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    Did it yesterday, hardest thing, was restoring my Palm Profile, which took forever, probably about 10 hours. That was ridiculous. But all the meta-doctoring and legwork that WebOS internals went off whichout a hitch, other than a UAC permissions setting, preventing the update from updating the phone initially.

    Still a few kinks to work out (install Flash, can't get Preware to install anything yet, restore my other file backups), but even on a stock Pre+, WebOS 2.1 runs really well so far. I'm a bit perplexed why HP isn't just releasing it. I can't wait to see how it runs once I get Uberkernel installed.

    Just make backups of your important data, and don't plan on using your phone for any length of time while your profile is being restored, but I had a ton of pics on my phone, so that probably was the culprit.
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    Based on guinney's experience I'm thinking I need to wait a bit longer.

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