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    It seems like everyone has webos 2.0 on their palm pre's now. I dont really understand how to get it onto my phone? can someone help? I have a At&t Palm pre plus.
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    Google it and select the result from the webosinternals wiki. Or search the forums.

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    I am running 2.1 on my Pre. You have to use the scripts provided by webOS Internals. Only do this if you have read the wiki and thread thoroughly and have donated via paypal to webOS Internals. Follow this link:
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    oh, you don't have enough posts to see the link I posted. Maybe someone else can direct you there, but just do a forum search for "webos 2.1" and find the thread that says "How to install webOS 2.1.0 on Pre+ and Pre- using the Meta-Doctor "
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    Okay. thank you
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    Oh, you have 34 posts, you can see the link, n/m. and you're welcome. If you're going to do it though, really, really, REALLY read the wiki page linked on the first post of that thread and be sure to donate!

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