Hi community.

2 Weeks ago, I upgrade my O2 Palm Pre Plus with official Doctor to WebOS 2.1.0.
At frist, everything went good. I liked the new WebOS.
I had preware and some patches installed, along with Govnah and the "official" Uberkernel running at 500Mhz but undervolted.

But, on the second or third day running, my phone got lagging and it got stuck. I had to pull out the battery.
And that behavoir repeats every second day. Phone gets laggy and show "too many cards" error and I had to reboot it.

I observered memory/swap usage in Govnah. A reboot starts with around 360 MB memory usage. It gets up to 480 MB usage, then swaps around 100 MB in Swap. When memory is again at 480-490 MB, phone gets laggy and shows TMC Error. Then reboot and start over again.

I removed UK, Govnah and all patches. Still every second day Pre has TMC error or gets stuck.
So I re-doctor-ed WebOS without any preware, patches or betas or anything.

But still, Pre runs for 2 day okay and then freezes. I even noticed, when the TMC error shows, I am not getting phone calls anymore! And there battery gets drained rapidly when memory was swapped and is stuffed again.

Is anybody experiencing the same? Is there a Fix?
Am I having an hardware issue? Everything was running fine on 1.4.5.