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    My brother had purchased a used Verizon Palm Pre Plus off ebay. After several hours on the phone with verizon he couldn't get it to work, so he gave it to me. I scoured message boards(which is how i ended up joining this one) and search listings finding people with a similar problem, but I was still unable to fix it on mine. The Pre would boot up and go to the Palm Profile Login screen. It would not allow me to either create, or log into an account successfully. There showed 4 full bars connected to the Verizon network, but no data connection would establish. I tried dicking around with setting on hash code menus, full erasing the phone, webosdoctor, etc. Another amount of countless hours was spent by me searching the internet, talking to Verizon and their technical support, at the Verizon store, and on PalmCare chat. Palm said that it must be a problem with the network, and to call my service provider. Verizon told me to contact Palm or try and bring it to the Verizon store. The guy at the Verizon store told me he had no idea why it wouldn't connect, and to talk to Palm for better technical support. I tried literally everything I could presume possible to try and fix it. I even started trying to search for Chinese suppliers of spare cell phone parts to get a new antenna for the phone and install it myself. Finally when messing around with hash codes I came across some date(I cannot recall what exactly it was labeled as) that was from 2010. I decided to jump back on PalmCare chat and had them use the serial number off the phone to look up if the phone was still under manufacturer warranty. The representative as protocol walked me through the same things they, and Verizon, already had a thousand times, before giving me an SRO number to send it in for warranty repair. For me I was unable to find any fix to the problem on my own, I assume they'll get it and just send me a different refurbished one.
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    Wow - what a journey!

    I wonder if the phone would have worked as wifi only?
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    I had the same problem with my pre. I went to a service center and they ended up giving me a refurb cause they couldn't fix it.

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