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    Hi again. Recently sounds in my Pre go crazy. Speaker on back didn't work but music (by music app) played via speaker on front! When I called someone I didn't hear him. Then I pushed the button "speaker" and then I could hear him via front speaker. And some day it fix by itself. Then App Catalog stop working and I did Full Erase. And everything was ok. AND NOW the sounds go crazy again. I think it's because of some patch but I don't know which one. All patches are still installed but Preware can't see them. How to do true Full Erase? Or maybe is there other solution?
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    That sounds pretty crazy... you might want to doctor your phone... then add 1 patch at a time with a little time in between each one so that you can see if its going to cause you problems.

    Edit: EPR might help too. Its hard telling... search for it in preware. Emergency Patch Remover.... just search for emergency, a few really useful tools will be listed.
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