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    I need answers about the old t.s. dock. I want to knew if it will work with the new hp veer, or pre 3. Sprint has the dock and ac charging kit for $44, and the back for &15. I really like my pre, but I'm afraid that when the new gear comes out. Their won't be any service for it. Everything will be 2.0 or higher, and my 1.4.5 will be left in closet. I can't find any info in the forums about this question.
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    The current touchstone should work with the new devices. There hasnt been any info stating otherwise.
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    Those aren't the best prices on the Touchstone either. Verizon has a bundle for 15$ and a car bundle for 10$. They will work with the new hardware but only for charging, the v2 touchstones will have more functionality
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    They should work with the new hardware, you just might not get all the features. And go with Verizon site for the kit(s). I'd recommend getting the back off of ebay and getting a few touchstone kits. Trust me. One touch stone isn't enough. You can use the verizon car charger, plus the your car!

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