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    I am trying to write down the values for the tokens on my sprint pre- phone. The values we are supposed to have are these correct:

    The tokens on your Sprint Pre are located at /tmp/tokens on your device. The values we want to extract are ProdSN, ModemSN, BATToRSP, BATToCH, DMSVRoNONCE, DMSVRoAUTHPW, DMCLoNONCE, DMCLoAUTHPW, DMCLoAUTHNAME, DMCARRIER, DMMODEL, WIFIoADDR, BToADDR, PalmSN, PRODoID, PN.

    I have a problem I can not locate a token file for the ProdSN. Can someone help me as to where this file is or if it is indeed one that is needed?

    Thank you in advance for all your help.

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    Via Preware download the "Show Properties" app. This app will automatically extract the tokens for you and can send them to you in an e-mail (swipe down in the upper left to get the menu).

    FYI - always consult the WebOS-Internals Wiki page for the exact steps for the complete conversion.

    Good luck.

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