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    hey guys i have doctor my pre evry things was fine but i cannot login to my profile it says try again...what to do please help..
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    What were you doctoring from and to? Did you change versions of WebOS or was this a standard doctor without a version change?

    Details, details. No-one can help without knowing exactly what you did.
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    i just download doctor from google for my pre model its (eurpn pre) and doctor it....i dont know it upgarde version or not but my previous version is 1.4.1
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    GFN....please help me i knw u r the only one who can help me throug step by step i'll b thankful to u....
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    now how can i connect my pre to WebOSQuickInstall....coz i want to put database(db3) file to my pre...
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    ok thanx GFN....i am trying to solve my problm
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    Meta-doctor is really difficult thing....hey GFN can you solve my problm with teamviewr.....pleaseeeeeeeeeee
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    successfully bypass profile login...i just put the pre in usb mode nd run devicetool software nd it on the pre without login to profile....

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