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    I have a Pre+ which I bought legally from a large distributor in Hong Kong last year. It's a QWERTZ version, unlocked and said to be from Vodafone Germany (checked the S/N on Palm web). I'm now using it in Singapore.

    Since the new webOS has been released, I'm planning to upgrade it from current 1.4.5 to 2.x.x. But being afraid of getting locked afterwards. Is it possible? I mean the Pre is unlocked when I bought it, but how do I know if it was originally locked or unlocked?

    As a precaution, I had consulted with both Palm and Vodafone Germany about my situation and asked for unlock code just in case. But they simply bounce me to each other without any resolutions.

    Is there any steps to upgrade such device? Suggestions and replies are appreciated in advance.

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    The "locked" term I meant is network carrier dependency.
    Thanks anyway for the suggestion!

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