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    Hey guys...

    I am trying to install 2.1 on my palm pre with cywgin with windows. I have gotten to the last step (installed the doctor and such) however after inputing the scprits ... ./scripts/meta-sprint-pre-2.1.0 ... it downloads everything but at the end it notifies me that there is an error and the doctor does not pop up and I cannot manually make it open.

    Has anyone run into this problem?

    Thank you
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    LOTS of people have gotten errors and they're all different. Kinda hard to help ya. Had you posted in the official thread they'd tell you to go read this: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    Damn. You can't see links, can you?

    This is seriously very informative and I don't mean to insult you at all. Read it. It'll do you a world of good.

    http:// ww w.catb. org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.h tml
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    make sure you have cygwin installed properly....check the pdf for cygwin installation in this post:
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    Go to this thread if you haven't already and use the step by step instructions to do the upgrade to 2.1!!!!
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    I cant install metadoctor. I get a timeout in ubuntu virtual box and in cygwin. I asked about it with a screen cap of the error in the other thread and got no help at all...
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