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    hey, i am having a very annoying problem with my palm pre screen. the problem is, the entire middle of the screen is not touch sensitive! no matter what i do i cannot use the middle of the screen from top to bottom (including the middle of the gesture area). i have searched everywhere and cannot find an answer, so i figured my only hope for one was to post here. if it makes a difference (which i think it might), i recently updated my phone to 2.1 using the meta doctor. please if someone could help me i would greatly appreciate it.
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    I was having the same problem, and I don't think there is a solution that doesn't involve taking the phone apart.

    I also strongly doubt updating to 2.1 had anything to do with it. Its more than likely a hardware issue...

    I wound up goin to sprint and using my upgrade to get a samsung epic. Maybe I'll send my pre to get "2'd" and come back to webOS before my 30 day trial period is up...
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    If it were a 1980's VCR i'd recommend giving it a good "thwack!".
    Not usually a good idea with electronics though...

    I'm no help, i know...
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    the only reason i say it might be because of webOS 2.1 is because, it only started happing after i updated and it's not a stable release.
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    I had this happen to me a couple of times on 1.4.5 (original launch day Sprint Pre- here, it's taken a beating but still functions!) but it seemed to fix itself.. I guess. It started doing it again a couple days ago on 2.1.0 and I expected it by now to go away. It's incredibly frustrating. At one point I couldn't even type on the keyboard, which was weird.

    I'm trying to wait out the announcement of the Pre3 to Sprint. I'm a college student and currently have the convenience of having my cell bill paid for by the parentals (I think I'll be staying in school forever). Not really keen on picking up my own cell phone bill anytime soon so stuck with Sprint as far as I'm concerned.
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    I've had the same problem for the past few days--screen is absolutley unresponsive, or I get ghost taps (I press one area and the touch indicator shows up in another, so it thinks I'm zooming.)

    I noticed the numb screen happens particularly when I've had my headphones in for a long time and ESPECIALLY when I use Dr. Podder. The ghost taps happened when I was using a charger I normally don't use.

    To fix the problems I either turned the screen off then on again, or I unplugged the charger. Hope that helps somewhat.
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    My screen has been doing the same thing. It becomes completely unresponsive after web browsing for a while. The only fix is to turn the screen off and on again. It usually works for a little while then happened all over again. I've also had the problem where I try to scroll and it thinks I am doing a pinch zoom, even with one finger. When I try to scroll up it zooms back out. When this happens the only fix is to restart Luna. I have a pre- pm sprint running 1.4.5
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    i'm pretty sure the issue for me had to do w/ the usb port. i had developed a gap in the upper housing of my usb port. when my charger was plugged in at a certain angle, the screen would start working again. after a while tho, the gap got such that the charger no longer bridged it properly.

    i did a search around here and found that several people had come to similar solutions. i probably coulda have taken it apart and fixed it myself, but i didnt feel like it.

    initially, i thought it was a 2.1 related issue, but i couldnt find any logic to support that.

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