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    I live/work in NYC and can only get about 6 hours of battery life on my Palm Pre Plus on Verizon. This is with minimal usage both voice and apps. My email is pushed.

    I was out in Snowmass, Colorado this past week and was getting 10+ hours off out of it multiple days in a row

    I would of thought my battery life would be switch based on location with NYC better with all towers nearby. (I always have almost perfect servie everywhere)

    Just thought this was strange.

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    could be another reason to NOT live in the dense NorthEast . . just funnin'. I submit the battery life change was probably due to better signal strength while you were in CO. More signal = less power req't for the Pre to do its thing . . . that's my guess from the limited info mentioned above~
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    the more the phone has to work at finding/holding a signal, the more it pounds the battery.

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