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    My Pre Minus is a year old now, and lately I have been dropping to 1x from EV a lot while at home. I only have 1x (Verizon roaming) while at work, so that's normal, but at home I'm getting 1x many times a day (it seems like every time I try to use Internet for browsing or audio streaming I drop to 1x). I do live in what Spring terms as a marginal area, and I never see over 2 bars at home (though the Pre does happily bounce up to 4 bars for a few seconds, then back down again, it's always done this). While in Reno, I've never seen it drop to 1x, but I'm not in Reno often enough to say there are definitely not problems there.

    My question is, what is more likely? It is more likely that the Sprint service is too marginal or that they have had some EV weakness problems near my home, or should I be getting worried that my Pre is dying?
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    i have the same thing. it only happens in an area where the 3G network is not close to you. trust me.
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    You should make sure your prl is up to date. On sprint I think you open phone, then app menu, and under preferences I think there is an update prl button.
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    If you are in an area where you know there should be good 3G service by comparing with other Sprint phones, you may have a defective phone. My original Pre was terrible at keeping a 3G signal. I recently exchanged it for a refurbished model through a Sprint repair center and the replacement phone's ability to maintain a 3G signal is much, much better now. This may be a coincidence, but the gold looking paint (you can see it by removing the back cover) that I think is the antenna on my replacement Pre was in significantly better shape than the original one. It should look in pretty perfect condition.
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    I think it's Sprint's own way of telling us to upgrade already. Sounds stupid huh...
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    The signal of my replacement Pre is MUCH worse than that of my original Pre!
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    My original Pre had a bad signal from the beginning. It did not degrade over time. If your signal is much worse than with your original Pre, you may have received a bad one. The results of the thread below are not a coincidence...
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    Might also consider that service providers sometimes have outages in fringe regions. I once went nearly 2 weeks with no Evdo at all when you stepped into my yard, only 1X. Before those two weeks I was spotty but worked more often than not, and after those two weeks it became increasingly worst. And this was on 3 different devices, so it wasn't the phone.

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    That's true. My suggestion is to compare against another Sprint phone to see if it's spotty coverage or a bad device. I happened to work with many Sprint users so I could stand side-by-side when I had no EV and they had solid EV. I live in a good Sprint coverage area so it was obvious that my problem was hardware related.

    BTW, even on Pre's that don't have EV/1X problems, sometimes you can "jump start" EV by turning on Airplane Mode and then turning it back off.
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    Open the phone app, swipe down the left menu, go to preferences and update your PRL and then your Network Settings.

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