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    So this has become a problem for me since about day 2 of webOS 2.1, and I've been putting up with it because I know that 2.1 isn't perfect on the Pre Plus, but I've been curious if anyone's had the same problem.

    This happens about once every few days, the accounts card will popup with a notification for google calendar/email/contacts, or facebook, or my exchange account saying that the username/password was wrong and asks you to re-enter them to continue. Everything will work fine from there and it will go away and come back a few days later. First it was google calendar, then it was contacts, and it moves onto every account I have synced in the accounts card. I haven't changed my password or username ever, and I've already synced it before.

    Anyone running into this problem and can offer some advice on what I can do? Thanks!
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $a$ $known$ $bug$. $Have$ $experienced$ $it$ $myself$.
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    I also experienced it today for my gmail account on my Pre-.
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    Yupper...also happening with my Pre- 2.1 upgrade.

    Would love a way to post 2.1 problems online and allow users the ability to make updates to the 2.1 list by device.

    For example:

    Pre Minus - 2.1 Problems:

    Accounts Login and Password - popup with a notification for google calendar, email, contact, and Facebook.

    SMS - delayed interface and no communication.

    Photo Storage and Management - Picture and Video longer saving.

    Right Menu - working but delayed

    Help Menus and Gesture Tutorials - no longer work

    Pre Plus - 2.1 Problems


    Pre 2 - 2.1 Problems

    Veer - 2.1 Problems

    and use something like a WIKI (maybe WebOS Internals could set this up) so user can help post problems and only problems in one spot and us users could help update and fix the list when fixes are made.

    Just a suggestion, Sorli...
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    This happens to me too, with my Google account.
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    2.0.1 was swamped with account issues. 2.1 is a BIG improvement. But I get that Google forgetfulness as well.
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    I don't think this is a 2.x-specific problem as I have been getting this error message for the last week or so and I am running 1.4x (whatever the latest version is) on a Pre Plus.
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    Same here, 2.1 on Pre+, Google Contacts keeps asking me to log in
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    I've been having the same thing with AIM every couple days for the past week or so.
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    I just ignore it. The accounts all continue to work. My guess is there is some weird hiccup server side and webos complains about it.
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    Pre + with 2.1 and my RoadRunner email accounts due this once or twice a day. My Google account does so less often...once every couple of days. Started happening after upgrade to 2.1. My Pixi Plus, however, is also doing this on occasion, though not nearly as often, and it's, obviously, on 1.4.5 and wifi only (no phone line active for it). So I'm not totally convinced the problem is just 2.1. I think it may be a larger issue, but I find it odd that it seemed to start right after I upgraded my Pre+.
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    I get this occasionally with my Google account and I'm fairly sure it's to do with poor signal strength. My office is basically a Faraday cage and it seems to happen most often there. I think what happens is a sync starts but fails half way through when the signal drops off. The Pre treats this like a password failure. No big deal really.
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    I had this sometimes on my pre- and webOS 2.1. Interestingly it never happends on my pre2. Maybe it's a timeout because of the speed difference?
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    So is there a fix for this or am I just going to have to deal with Gmail wanting me to re-enter my password, which I do, and then it tells me "The username or password is incorrect. Try again.?

    It's a little annoying.

    My Gmail works just fine, as does my contacts and everything else.
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    I've got a sprint pre 2 on 2.0.1 and I occasionally notice this with my facebook account.
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    It has been my experience that if I just swipe away the notice everything continues to work.
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