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    Last week, suddenly alarms for all my future appointments went off in quick succession. Next thing I knew, it was November 4, 2030. Manually reset date, but this keeps happening, and every time it does it wipes out my email and calendar.

    Verizon says it's my Palm profile; Palm says the date/time come from the VZW network.

    Received a replacement phone and-- the same thing happened within an hour of activating it! Palm wants me to delete all my apps and/or doctor the phone. Keeping the date/time on manual for now to see if it still happens, but it's too risky. Every time it does, I lose all emails.

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    I had issue with alarms from the past, it happened when I moved between countries... and then kept on happening, I deleted those events that were repeatedly coming up and replaced them with new entries, that solved it.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Thanks for replying, but the reason the events are disappearing is because the date setting is way wrong. Why would the calendar display 19 year old events?

    Need to figure out why the device date and time keep going rogue.
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    I take it toggling network time on and off doesnt help, plus you have done a full reboot (taking battery out after pre shuts down) probably, correct? If not do both
    If this helped you hit thanks.

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