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    Hello everyone! I've bought a Pre and I've some questions:
    _ How to create playlist music?
    _ Is there patch that delete many pics at same time?
    _ How to show Developer icon on screen?
    _ How to turn off Backup? I try to backup but it just "preparing" and when I turn off Backup it only show a spin circle @@!
    _ Is there patch that edit notification type when receive a call or SMS? ex. Blackberry has silent profile, normal profile and Loud profile
    _ and the last question: how to show mobile version of web page as default that has mobile version

    Thank you!
    P/S: My english is not good so........ :d
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    never turn off backup!

    enter dev mode by typing webos20090606

    there is a patch in Preware that keeps the dev icon visible if you want that.
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    Thank you! and What about other question?

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