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    So like most other people I am addicted to shiney new things and with the release of WebOS 2.1.0 I was super jealous of all the people that were able to use it!!

    Thanks to the great guys over at WebOS internals and their wiki I was able to put the glorious 2.1.0 on my Pre Plus!!! All should be glowing in my little techo-bubble right?? Well not really.

    I am not sure if this is the same for everyone, but I have found some glaring issues with 2.1.0 on the Pre Plus.

    1. Major calling issues: About 1/3 of all my calls during a day are unsuccessful. I will start a call, the phone will never ring on my end and the call will never actually go through. The person I am calling says that they answer the phone but never hear anything. This did not happen with 1.4.5 at all and I don't know why it is doing this with the newest software.

    2. Serious stock application slowdowns: The first thing I did after the upgrade to 2.1.0 was install Govnah and UberKernel, and overclocked to 1Ghz. Even with this giant speed boost many base applications are very sluggish and downright frustrating. The contacts take significantly longer to load and viewing, editing and managing contacts is a complete pain. the messaging application is a mess. Although it looks the same as the one in 1.4.5 the operation is so much slower it makes my head hurt. In 1.4.5 I can hit send and immediately swipe back to the main messaging screen and it goes without any hesitation at all. In 2.1.0 when I hit send, swipe back to the main screen (just like I did in 1.4.5) and it will hang for 3-4 seconds before actually going back the the messaging screen. Calender, email and many other applications are significantly slower even if they are the only ones open.

    3. Wake from standby issues: In 1.4.5 if I hit the power button or slid the phone open then it was instant on with no trouble. In 2.1.0 I can hit the button or slide the phone open and it will either take a few seconds to wake up or I have to repeat the action multiple times before the phone awakes from its slumber. This is pretty annoying when I want to quickly use my phone for something.

    4. Notifications are buggy: I can hit a text message notification and it will disappear without opening the messaging application. Email is the same. Facebook will sometimes take me to the newsfeed instead of the displayed notification. Again, just plain annoying.

    5. Voice dialing: This is not a huge issue, but just something I found. The voice dialing feature is cool. Works well recognizing names for the most part. You can even voicedial from standby...awesome!! However I have a bluetooth enabled headunit in my car and upon sync I notice it supports the voice dialing feature!! Well thats cool too, but I found a few problems with it. When voice dialing from the headunit the audio is not sent to the headunit, it is somehow lost in never-never land and I cannot tell who it actually picked to call. The second thing is that if voice dialing is envoked by the headunit it will not wake the phone and display the interface like pressing both volume keys does.

    So these are the major issues I have found with 2.1.0 on the Pre Plus and they have made me decide that although exhibition is cool and voice dialing is nifty I see no real reason to stay on it. The problem is that it really doesn't gell or work that well. Maybe this is the reason HP isn't planning to release it to so many older phones and if that is the case then I applaud them because doing so would shoot the WebOS platform in the foot.

    Well thats all I have to say. Time to go downgrade to 1.4.5 again and get my beloved fast functioning Pre Plus back!!!!
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    I have a vzw Pre plus and I do not have any of the issues you describe. i could not believe your woes. I tried each one of your issues and they did not appear on my Plus2.1. With the exception of voice dialing, I do have the silent system sounds after activating voice dialing from the volume keys issue. Other than that the only annoying thing for me is not having the patch for launcher icon rows (4 x 4), would be great hope they update that patch soon. BTW running Govnah/AV8Harrier1GHZ system screams!
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    I'm on an ATT Pre Plus with 2.1 also.

    I had a few problems with the phone app. I was on call on speaker phone one time and the phone app frozed up the phone. I had to do a battery pull to restart. Also the phone app is a lot slower compared to 1.4.5 when receiving a call when the screen lock is on. (could be b/c i'm running govnah screenstate at 250 mhz when screen off) Other than that, 2.1 has been really good for me and battery life seem to be significantly better. 2.1 was slow when I first doctored but it's running really smooth now.

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