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    I'm thinking about making the jump before the April 1st deadline and now that Sprint is carrying a Windows 7 Phone it's looking more appealing. Anybody else think Windows can cut the mustard...frankly I'm done with Android and iOS wall of apps.
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    yeah, my pre has lost the will to live, I need to move on to something else, and wp7 definitely looks the most promising.
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    I believe in terms of performance as in getting in and out, windows phone 7 is the best out there. It does not have the same polish as webOS and lacks a few important features but it is still very compelling. I think with the October update it will be a viable alternative.
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    I think that if webOS didn't exist, WP7 would be the best out there. With that said, however, I can't see switching from webOS. I'd miss too much.
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    I like WP7 but the phone sprint just got was released in in November in Europe. It's older hardware I wouldn't want to waste my upgrade on.

    I've pretty much decided, however, that if Sprint doesn't get the Pre 3 by end of June I'm jumping to feature phones and prepaid.

    Smartphones are just getting way too ridiculously expensive and I kind of miss my life before I was addicted to doing pointless crap on them.
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    If I had to switch, I think I would go Android instead of WP7. If I can't have Linux, might as well have Linux-like. So no Windows.

    But, if you can, switch to the Pre 2. You can use your existing Pre to do it.
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    webos beat them in the laptop mag finals therefore we are better :P

    *waits for this to be merged with all the other goodbye style threads*
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    well for the people who never tried WP7 is it hands down much much better then android (ive tried them all). Its alot more innovated, cleaner, and more finished then android. I recently added another line with the htc arrive, and it is very very nice. THough no webos, but very very polished and what I see Webos should have by 3.0 on the devices. The arrive is perfect size screen, very well constructed, and very fast, def not old hardware because compared to the EVO, it is just as fast if not faster. The web browser is as stated second to IOS, and the VK is the best on the market. If you have a option to add a line as I did go through wirefly it will only cost you $80, or upgrade for 149 cant go wrong with either one.
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    im in the same boat...i read sprint starting march 27th is going to be giving instant rebates instead of mail-in's for a promo period of time.

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