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    I'm going to make the move to 2.1 today on my Sprint Pre. Is there a way to list and/or print the list of apps I have downloaded on my 1.4.5 so that I can test them on 2.1?
    Also, is there a way on or to goto to an app description page and see which versions they are compatible with? I know some only work with 2.0 or higher and some will only still work on 1.4.5 or lower.
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    the palm listing for each app contains info about which version it runs on.
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    I cant find the listings on It doesn't seemed to layed out well. I go to and click on apps but it only highlights a few apps. Is there a link I'm missing? I can also see my profile but not which apps I own.
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    I upgraded to 2.1 on my Sprint Pre and I have yet to find an app that I purchased through the store that did not work: angry birds, card ace games, let's golf, dungeon hunter, soundboards etc.

    Beta or homebrew apps; that's a different story and will likely be a trial and error process, IMO.
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    The Precentral app catalog database has the Minimum OS requirements for apps. It is listed with the description.

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