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    I know I'm new on forum and I also know about lot of tread about time drift... But I'm really tired this... I tried 3 kernel version (both from preware) and one stock version 1.4.5 from phone which i bought. All of those have that stupid bug with time. I know about app name: clock sync but i dont want to connect every few hours to fix that... Is there any options to fix it even if i have to use old version or newer?. Please help... and I read that alarm clock make that problem what can i use insted of it... I thought Palm will be good choice but i was wrong... sad....
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    your post is a little unclear on exactly what the problem is, but it seems like you're saying that your phone time is off.

    I find this strange, since it should be using network time.
    Open the "date & time" app, and make sure "network time" is switched on.
    This will only work when your phone radio is on, so i recommend not turning it off.
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    This has been happening with my Pre2 as well, which is currently not activated. I use it over WiFi, and every few days the time drifts a ton.
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    This was happening to me too.

    I turned network time off and set it up myself and restarted phone.
    ran it like this for a day.
    turned nt back on, turned airplane mode on and off. My time is working and has been for two weeks now.

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