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    I recently bought my first Palm device (a Pre) on eBay last week and I'm using O2 as a carrier and I'm on their 15/mo Simplicity plan (PAYG).

    My issue seems to arise from not being able to view any paid apps in the App Catalog. When searching for (what I know to be) paid apps or clicking on the featured paid apps on the home screen (Angry Birds), I'm greeted with a "no applications found" error.

    I have credit card details stored in my Palm Profile, so, there's a funding option in place and I have a mobile data allowance.

    I've contact both Palm and O2 regarding this issue and both keep telling me to contact the other - helpful.

    Has anyone had an issue similar to this? Could they point me in the direction of a solution, please?

    Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    I think it's 2.0.1, but the actual version number isn't visible, I can only make out Nova-Barley, and the seller was from within the UK.

    Does this version agree with the gen-1 Pre? Could it be what's causing problems?
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    How should I go about rolling back the operating system?
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    Routing the plasma matrix through the shield grid, gotcha.

    Downloading webOS Doctor at the moment, hopefully it should be a hassle free install.

    Thanks for all the advice thus far : )
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    Thank you so much! The app catalog is working as it should!

    Thanks a million, GuyFromNam! (^^,)

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