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    I have a ATT Palm Pre + and it seems to be short on phone utilities. what I mean by that is setting up answering like for bluetooth or headset. auto answer or not. sometimes I want to see who is calling before I answer.

    If this stuff is already there, I can't find it.
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    there are patches in preware to customize like crazy. not sure what you are saying about bluetooth. I just don't hit the bluetooth button until I am ready to answer.

    But changing how it handles answering on the touchstone, etc. has a bunch of patches available.
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    Well, Like my motorola phones allowed me to set answer on 1 ring or manual answer for both headset or bluetooth. In car, auto answer works for me. While doing other things with phone in pocket like mowing grass and using headset.
    The pre doesn't have the flexibility of my other pile of phones.
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    as I said, much of what you want can be found in Preware

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