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    I have started having issues with my Pre (Plus on Verizon, if that matters at all) where the battery does not appear to either be holding a charge or doesn't charge much at all.

    For example: Several times now when unplugging the phone from the USB charger, it is immediately nearly dead with the icon at the top red and only showing about 10% power...even after having been plugged in all day! It's extremely aggravating too, seeing as I only got the phone back in August.

    This developing issue is on top of a worsening USB crack inching toward the screen and various other minor cosmetic issues. Should I simply replace the battery or try and exchange the entire phone for a new or different one??
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    batteries wear out. You can use drBattery to calibrate and neck the health. But for less than $5 each you can get new ones from amazon.
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    I had a similar issue the other day. My phone completely died overnight (I didnt have a charger with me) I plugged it in the next day and let it charge a bit. It got up to about 60-70 percent then seemed to have trouble charging the rest of the way no matter how long it was on the touchstone. I also noticed the phone lagging a little and just didnt seem right. So I did a full restart which fixed all the problems. Sometimes thats all that it needs.
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    I finally got it charged back up to 100% and it seems to be holding it okay now. Though I almost expect it to be dead at nearly any second. It's almost acting possessed with how it's deciding to charge and when not to...
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    It's a lot cheaper to replace your battery than it is to replace your phone. Having a spare battery is a good idea regardless.

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    Sounds like a FUBAR'd battery,
    For the price they are it has to be worth a try.

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    Yea, I'd use Dr. Battery and then go from there... I monitor my battery life with that.

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