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    My Pre- is well patched, overclocked with UberKernel to 1GHz/500MHz Screenstate, and very stable on webOS 1.4.5.

    If I metadoctor up to webOS 2.1, is there a consensus as to likely impact on performance? Of course, I'll use overclocking with 2.1, just as I do with 1.4.5.

    I understand the gains and losses of features and apps under 2.x. I'm asking strictly about performance. With an apples-to-apples comparison, to the extent possible (meaning same applications, patches and overclocking in both cases), how does the overall performance of the Pre- with 1.4.5 compare to the performance of the Pre- with 2.x?
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    The most annoying everyday performance problems are on the phone card and messaging. I text alot of people and can keep alot of cards open for each conversation, but everytime I send a text it freezes for about 15 seconds while it "sends" the message. It's annoying to no end.

    Also, the phone card lags alot. When I talk to people on the phone I sometimes need to do something while on the phone, and the phone app will jump from :01 or something to :31 or worse with a 20-30 second lag. It doesn't effect talking on the phone, but hanging up is a real hassle and answering calls becomes a hassle too.

    Other than these two problems, I haven't really had any major issues. But there does seem to be an excess of bad performance when you open cards for the first time. Sometimes it takes 30+ seconds to just load a card and it sits there glowing for 30 seconds. But once you close it and reopen it, its usually fine.
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    I can confirm that there are random lockups on 2.1. I am running the screenstate 1000/500 overclock and I've bumped compcache up to 32 MB. Even with these issues, it's better being on 2.1 than 1.4.5 IMO.
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    Overclocking is a must for a Pre- on 2.1 - when mine stops (after a reset sometimes, etc...) it is obvious that 2.1 does not run well on a non-overclocked Pre. That being said, running even at 800 Mhz is a delight on 2.1. It is fast for me, and I have had few issues. The Voice Dialing does not "Stick" to the quick loaunch bar - it vanishes after a time. Not a big deal, though. It is easy to launch with the volume buttons. Sprint Navigation is not there, either, but there is a workaround for loading it on (It works great once you load it on)
    So far, I have more Kudo's than complaints about 2.1
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    my performance is slightly less with 2.1....but i still prefer 2.1 over 1.4...
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    I don't notice too much a difference. Glitchy and slow sometimes, fast sometimes.

    I do like the spellcheck a lot though, so I'm not going back.

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