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    Hello All,

    I noticed something strange when I connected my Pre to my laptop via Bluetooth. For some reason, without any additional work, I discovered that bluetooth tethering works out of the box. Was this noted before?

    I did the same thing when I had the Nova-Barelywine build running, but when I tried to bluetooth tether the phone spit back an error code stating that I needed to have a tethering plan on my Sprint account.

    I do have freetether installed, that might be a reason why it just works. But I had freetether installed when I had Nova-Barleywine as well and it didn't work then.

    Also, the other bluetooth services do not work now. Before, I was able to use my laptop as a headset and speaker for the Pre. Anybody else having this issue?

    Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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    Bluetooth tethering worked/works on 1.4.5 for me.
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