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    I have tried several different computers and time trying to build the Sprint Pre 2.1 metadoctor. Since all the phones are the same, why is there no place to just download the metadoctor file like all the others?

    Is there a place? Or can someone send me a copy?

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    illegal to distribute, we're fine upstanding types of hooners round here. gotta build it
    Palm prē-ist.
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    toyotast is right, plus it doesn't even take that long to create
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    don't want to be asking for or providing instructions for illegal distribution of copywrite-protected material.

    building your own doesn't require you to do anything that violates copywrite laws or license terms.
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    Follow the instructions in this thread and it should be easy for you to do!!!!
    LIVE HARD, PLAY HARDER and KNOW WHEN TO SHUT ONES MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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