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    So i dropped my Sprint Palm Pre phone in the hot tub the other day and absolutely nothing works. I have insurance on it but since it was my fault I guess it will be $100 to get a new one. My two year contract is about up and I am most likely going to renew it and get a different non-palm phone for just about the same price.

    However, since it does not work and I never synced my contacts to gmail or anything of the sort, am I going to have to start over from scratch with my contacts?

    A. Does the palm website/company ever release the contacts for extenuating circumstances such as this? Will calling them even help?

    B. Is it possible to find another palm pre user, log them out of their palm profile, log into mine, retrieve contacts, and finally log them back in with no hassles/worries/lost info? Does it have to be a palm pre or will pixi also work? What about a palm pre that is from Verizon?

    C. Is it possible that the sprint phone store will have a palm in stock and will let me do 'B' with one of their phones?

    D. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
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    Hot tub, eh? I hope you were enjoying yourself at least.

    Did you try putting the phone in dry rice for a few days. That has worked for others in the forums. It helps if you don't turn it on in the meantime.
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    if you can't power up your phone, borrow one from sprint so you can log in to your profile and export your contacts.

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