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    I've added my google account to my Pre contacts, and it seems it syncs constantly?
    How do I turn that off, so it only syncs manually?
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    i think it does it daily...and when you make changes.

    why do you think it is constantly updating?
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    As I was editing my calender inputs, to move them from my Palm Profile to my google calender, it updated on my computer every ten minutes or so.
    Which is ok, I guess, if it updates with every change I make.

    But, much to my surprise, the battery capacity has decreased enormously since yesterday. My Pre was fully charged last night, and this morning it beeped at critical level!! It actually decreases with about 1% every 2 minutes!!
    Does this mean that it checks my calender/contacts every ten minutes or so?
    If so, I need to turn it off, 'cause my Pre kind of stops beeing a 'mobile' phone, when I need to charge it every two hours..
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    I've noticed a similar problem with Yahoo on my phone, it seems to update constantly. I end a call and Yahoo syncs. I've tried changing the settings to no avail. I can't find a setting to change the frequency of the contacts sync. If anyone else has any suggestions I'd certainly appreciate it.

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