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    Hi all,

    I just got my replacement Palm Pre (my first replacement!) in from the Sprint total replacement plan. The phone appears to work fine. The ringer, system, music/videos/games sounds, touch screen all work. However, when the phone receives or makes a call, the person on the other can can hear me, but I can't hear them. The phone is not stuck in headset mode. I've tried various headphones, bluetooth devices and speaker phone... no sound from only the Phone app.

    If you listen closely with the phone app open I hear static through the headphones. Same goes for the speaker phone.

    I'd tried the device diagnostics tool for the sound, but I've hear nothing.

    Anybody have any experience with this?

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    you are stuck in headset mode. Run the interactive system tests. And search for a patch called "the ghastly headset mode".

    if those don't work. The hardware is defective and they need to swap it out.
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    Its headset mode for sure trying sticking the headphone jack in the 3.5mm jack really fast like 10 times.
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    i usually get slapped when i try sticking anything in really fast like 10 times
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    Thank you for all the replies. I've given the "Ghastly" headset application and all the tips scattered throughout the forum a try. They all eventually lead to a dead-end. I wound up giving Sprint another call. After explaining my issue to them I was immediately routed to Asurion. A replacement will be here either tomorrow or Tuesday.

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