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    Have 6 months left on contract and my 1st pre finally might have met it's maker. The power on/off button has been broken like a month and to change a battery and get it to start again you need a power source to "jump start" it.

    Now today it won't charge on a power source, maybe the USB port is broken, which means it wont come on. Might be time to replace.

    I think I've been stupid to have kept up the $7 a month insurance on this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't an insurance replacement cost the $100 deductible? I've scanned eBay and it looks like a used one will run $40-50. Isn't that a no-brainer to just ride out the next six months? Then I should cancel the insurance ASAP.

    Any other ideas?


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    Sprint should do repairs for you for no deductible. If you need a replacement because YOU broke it that's where the deductible comes in. Even without insurance Sprint will do ANY repair to a Palm Pre for $35 flat fee. I just got mine replaced for $35. If you purchase off Ebay and activate it you may fall into that new "premium data" fee. It says "activating any new smartphone" so if it isn't a warranty replacement it is actually a "new" smartphone.

    They told me that the power switch is a common problem and swapped the phone out. I had one that they replaced the switch on once too.
    -- Kevin
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    Take it in to Sprint and see what they say. I had a Pre swapped out for no charge because of the power button a long time ago. Just 2 weeks ago my screen cracked close to the led button. It made the sceen unusable. I took it in thinking that I would have to use insurance because I had that Pre well over a year. I was willing to pay the deducible becuause at least the replacement Pre would have a warranty. Sprint told me that the way my screen cracked was a "known issue" and it would be replaced at no charge. So I say take it in, you never know.
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    By all means take it in to the Sprint store, you've been paying for the insurance now let it pay you. The whole way deductibles are applies has changed and probably won't cost you anything as long as it wasn't caused by abuse. Remember to remove any of the preware kernels you may have installed and Govnah if you have that as they may void the warranty. Also make sure you back up your settings and patches that you may have installed through preware. Beyond that you should be set to go to the store. Good luck.

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