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    Yesterday my Palm Pre fell and the touch screen was badly cracked. Unfortunately I don't have the insurance and so a use Pre was procured. Needless to say I will need to activate the new phone and transfer all my stuff from the broken Pre to the new one, Has anyone had experience in activating a new Pre and then moving all of the apps and misc files over? How easy is it?

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    Apps bought from official app catalog will download once you log in to the new phone and all accounts should only ask you for passwords and then sync w/ no problems. Text messages/call log Will be lost. It should restore all contacts (even ones stored on palm profile).

    I'd suggest installing save restore to try and backup settings... <- backup everything, copy the directory it creates to pc, copy back to new phone and restore data through save/restore.

    There is a way to back up your contacts in case palm profile doesn't restore them, but I'm not at my pc & I don't have the links handy.

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