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    Hey guys,

    My bell pre minus seems to seeing the last of it's days, so i am currently thinking about getting a rogers pre 2 and unlocking it to use on bell until the pre3 is released. I had a few questions before doing this tho.

    I do know that i cannot transfer my text messages and call logs over to pre2, and i do not want to try it, however i would like to keep my original pre the same. What i mean by this is to pretty much have my pre as a wifi only device, so i would still be able to go onto my pre and see my call logs/ text message/ anything else that is already on there. Is this possible?

    Now i just want to see if i have the procedure right.
    -Buy pre2 and bell sim
    -Doctor pre2 to 2.1 with rogers' doctor
    -Unlock using nextgen server
    -Use a friend's roger's sim card to active pre2 to allow access to app catalog
    -Put in my bell sim and live happy with the pre2 :P
    What that be right? or did i mix something up?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance
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    As for my first question i have discovered that the meta-doctor will not work as it wipes the device. But what about the Developer bypass which palm has to download?

    Again any help is appreciated
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    I hate to triple post but i really need help with this. Anyone who knows anything, please share

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