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    Haven't seen a new thread in awhile, so throwing this out there. Original pre-minus user here still (maybe foolishly) hoping for the Pre3 on Sprint. HOWEVER, I'm just about at the point where I'm missing too many apps that would seriously help my efficiency that are available everywhere but on WebOS. Since I'm holding out (and still in Sprint contract) I can't afford another data plan with ATT or Verizon. My question is if anyone is using their original Pre combined with an iPod Touch Wifi? It would seem no data plan would be needed. Does it pick up the Wifi from your house? Can you add a tether app to the Pre minus and have the iPod touch pick up the signal?

    Feels like I'm breaking some of my loyalty, but the app divide has just gotten too great.

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    Use freeTether. It lets you use your Pre as a wifi hotspot that your iPod Touch can connect to using wifi. And of course, the iPod Touch will use any standard wifi hotspot, so if your house has wifi that your Pre can use, your iPod Touch will be able to use it as well.
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    I'm using the pre plus with the iPod touch. Absolutely a sweet combo.
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    Absolutely! I use my ipod touch and jailbroke it and has the capability to install unlimited apps for free and uses it on a daily basis with my sprint Pre. I use "my tether" and "freeTether" to provide data to ipod touch while I am on the road. Both works great with the pre to use as a mobile hotspot!
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    I have used freeTether as well, though i'm tempted to try out my tether because I'm having consistency issues with freetether.

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