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    First of I understand that I wont get 3G on my pre+. My phone plan doesnt have data anyway so i will occcasionally use wifi. The phone will come in a day or 2 so i have some questions:

    1. i assume phone will come with 1.3.5. how do i go about to update it to 2.0 or 2.1? (which one is more stable and have most battery life?)

    2. which apps would you recommend for the pre+? what are some addictive must have games? (i dont care about 3d, it just have to be addictive and time killer)

    thanks for helping this newbie
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    is it possible to upgrade to 2.1 on Tmobile? someone please help ( i have an AT&T sim i can spare)
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    my 1st question: I have 1 ATT sim and 1 Tmobile sim. Do I need to insert sim before upgrading to 2.1? If yes which sim should i use? In the end I want to use Tmobile.

    im currently looking at the 2 webos wiki and metadoctor pages and trying to install metadoctor.

    but i cant find the additional packages that the wiki site advise to install (make, patch, etc.). when i switch to full view it's even more confusing and i tried search function but still didnt see them...?

    edit: I changed view to full and search and find most of the package. yay. my question is that am i looking for the exact package name? because some look really similar to each other...
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    bump again. please help

    as for the python, do i install everything in that folder or just a single file? i have realized that the downloading takes easily more than 4 hours so i just want to minimized anything possible (im a window user)
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    ahh thanks. i didnt notice there is a tips forum right below this one. next time i will ask more informed questions
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    i just want to make sure one more time. when upgrading to 2.1 i will be using the AT&T script but afterward I can just pop in the TMobile to use it? (and it looks like i will use the wifi only script too...because 3G isnt an option on tmobile)

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