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    is there a way to show the date stamp after every text message?

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    I prefer the patch Timestamps Clean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    I prefer the patch Timestamps Clean.
    Me too. And OP, this is what it looks like. (with DD/MM/YY )

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    thanks guys.. now if i can only get my themes working I will be a happy happy boy
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    How do I get the correct time set for incoming messages.. My outgoing times are right just my incoming ones are way off. Thanks
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    I'm new to the forum and I have a huge problem - and I do hope it's the right place and someone will be able to help. I bought Pixi Plus in Germany and it was described as simlock-free. Everything looked fine till I tried sending text messages. I am not able to send texts, I can only receive them... Or, alternatively, I can send mms Which, honestly doesn't satisfy me Can anyone, pleeease explain why such thing can be happening!

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