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    if I don't install the novacom driver then USB won't reset the pre prior to installation of 2.1?
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    Not sure what you're asking exactly...
    The SDK includes the Novacom program (or drivers?) which allow your the meta-doctor to work.

    Does that answer your question?

    Edit: i should say - novacom allows the custom doctor to work, meta doc works fine without it, i believe. The custom doctor is what Meta-doc creates.
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    I did download it but when I go doctor my pre after running it from the folder it starts fine n I select the language and stuff n then a black screen pops up sayin NOVACOM can't be found although I did download everyrhing on the PALM WEBSITE. What do I do? It keeps saying it can't reet my phone
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    Did you follow the instructions on the Wiki for booting into recovery mode?
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    how do i do that? recovery? what do you mean? i did read a lil about that but my volume keys are broke so they don't work anymore. so what is my option? i just downloaded NOVACOM and afert installation a black screen popped up and it said NOT FOUND and then it said NOVACAM was installed. I'm so confused now. I have windows 7. is it better to do it on windows vista or xp?
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    I have no experience with this process on Windows. I used a Mac because the instructions seemed to be easier.

    I don't know how to boot into recovery mode without your volume keys, but i would suggest trying to fix them, or else use google to find a way to boot into recovery mode with no volume keys (when using google type your search and add "site:" to get hits from this forum).

    The other thing you need to verify is that novacom is actually running when you try and run the doctor. One way to do this is to search for "novacom" in windows. You will likely get a "novacom.exe" or "start-novacomd.exe". run the "start-novacomd.exe" if you find that. Then run the doctor and make sure that novacom stays running (use task manager for that).

    I would say to you, this is a HIGHLY technical process for people who do not have computer skills, and/or patience to read lots of details and do google searches. If you can't do that i would suggest waiting until WebosWorld offers upgrades to 2.1 for a fee and have them do it.
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    I did that already. This is what I see when it stops working. And take in mind I have novacom installed. So what's the problem?
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    I would doctor back to 1.4.5 and create another version of meta-doctored 2.1 and try again.
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    doctor back? I didn't lose anything on my phone. I still have 1.4.5 as nothing installed on my pre- at all
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    Sorry I thought you "bricked" your phone. This is strange. Did you confirm that novacom is running on your system?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigo0523 View Post
    doctor back? I didn't lose anything on my phone. I still have 1.4.5 as nothing installed on my pre- at all
    If you are not sure if novacom drivers are installed, run WOSQI with your phone plugged in into USB port, and if your phone shows up under tools --> device management, then you have novacom drivers running and it is related to something else.
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    Lets take a step back for a moment, because there are several parts to this on a very basic level that should help us understand what is going on.

    For starters, is your phone in developer mode?

    Can you run WebOS Quick Install and have it talk to the phone?

    If you can't get this far, then it SHOULD be working properly under WebOS 1.4.5 on your phone.

    Once you have this working to this point, then you can go on to the build process for your new "Doctor" that you will create or have created for WebOS 2.1.

    Once the new Doctor is created, running it SHOULD let you update your phone. Note that once the process has started, you SHOULD walk away and let it work.

    Now, I will warn you now that if you have not turned OFF the backup feature on your phone before you use your 2.1 Doctor, you may run into a problem getting your phone to properly connect to your profile. For some reason, the calendar, e-mail, and such cause problems during the migration to WebOS 2.1, but once you are up, you can easily add your accounts back and sync to get them back.
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    why should I create another doctor if I have one on the cigwyn folder already. Would that help? So I could uninstall cigwyn and do it all over again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigo0523 View Post
    I would say you need to answer the questions that were posed in Post 12.

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