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    I have a personal peer to peer adhoc WiFi network setup at my work using a USB Wifi b/g dongle so my phone, ipod touch, laptops etc can use the ethernet connection on my PC.

    While all my other devices recognise the network and work properly the Pre can't even see the network and won't even bring up the name in the Wifi app. When manually typed I get a no network found message. I have tried disabling WEP on the network but nothing works.

    My Pre can connect to my home WiFi and has had no problems finding other networks so I am confused as to what the problem is.
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    Limitation of the Pre. I found out on this when I was trying to tether my Pre to my Nokia running Joikuspot when I was in Hong Kong.

    I hope Palm fixes this.
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    Try Connectify.
    Works for me.

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