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    Hello all,
    I just bought the Palm pre from bell mobility, Canada (two weeks before). I love the phone and the webOS. However, I wish to upgrade to WebOS 2.0. I am not a computer savvy. Is it possible to do the upgrade? if so could anybody can help me to do by step by step guide. I do not want to mess up the phone as I am not tech savvy. Thanks in advance.
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    If you search you'll find the instructions, but if you're not "tech savvy", it's not for you. While the instructions are quite good, they are very technical and it does run the risk of messing up your phone and your Palm profile.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply. Could you please give the instructions ( or links) so that I can take a look and decide.
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    As you only have 2 posts, you wouldn't be able to see the links that anyone posted. Once you have 10 posts, you will be able to see this:]
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    or you can type this address in:
    www dot webos-internals dot org/wiki/WebOS_2_Upgrade

    with "dot" replaced by "." of course.
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    I was thinking the same thing too. I have all theinstructions but how much better is webos 2.1? I have govnah t 1GHz n my phone is a super fast monster already without overheating. So my question is... What is the dvantage of having 2.1?
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    Personally my favorite is the much smoother scrolling and animations.

    But I suppose Flash player is a pretty big plus.
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    To me the big draw was the phone being able to connect to more than one BT device at a time and Voice Dial.

    I like to listen to music or use Nav over my car's stereo but use a BT headset, which isn't possible before 2.x. If the headset was connected, ready to receive a call, I couldn't be connected to the stereo too. This works now.

    Voice Dial has always been a big absent feature.

    The improved animations are great - makes the phone feel much faster. The Stacks feature is a bigger improvement than I thought it would be and the auto-correct feature is nice.

    Flash is pretty disappointing but I don't think that's Palm/HPs fault.
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    For me, the big thing is the forward compatibility with new apps that will be developed with the Pre 2 and Pre 3 in mind. Yes, WebOS 2.1 is faster in many ways, but it DOES take a bit more RAM than 1.4.5 did, and this can cause the phone to feel slower.

    I will say this, if you are not technical, then you should not even bother trying to get it working. The real key is that if you are on a Mac or run Linux, then it isn't THAT bad, but setting up a virtual machine, then installing Linux inside the virtual machine, then downloading everything, create the new Doctor image, then transfer that new image out from the VM(since the VM may not let the doctor talk to your phone) can be a royal nuisance.

    I am technical, yet I had to jump through a lot of hoops due to the way I have my computer set up(Ubuntu setup didn't like my AMD RAID 5 setup), and if it was a nuisance for ME, then you might not want to go through that stuff.

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