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    I was thinking of embedding Palm Pre on my car along to work with my car computer project. I had ordered a donor Palm Pre for 5 USD from USA but it comes without sim card. It works quite well but no Simcard means no usage for me as i am in europe.

    Is there anyway to convert this to a simcard phone? I'm sure not. =) Anyway, I would like to use Palm Pre as a 3G wi-fi hotspot. I am going to embed and hide this phone into my car and I also would like to track my car with triangulation or from GPS sensor with a remote connection? Do you think is that possible? I need fresh ideas and suggestions.

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    Sorry, not possible. You paid $5 for a working palm pre though? Really? You might as well sell it for at least $80 or so depending on its condition, and then buy what you need.

    As for remote location, it is possible. I haven't looked into it, but I did find a thread with a quick search:

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