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    I just installed uberkernel 2.1 on my sprint palm pre with webos 2.1.0. I have prepared 1.5.7 and I can't find Govnah anywhere! I've searched through every feed.
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    Go to the first page in preware and just type govnah.
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    It's also on webos quick install too. Shouldn't be to hard to find.
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    I did type gov and govnah in preware
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    It's in Application > System Utilities
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Ecstasy View Post
    It's in Application > System Utilities
    what feed? Its not in system utilities.
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    checked every feed. Redownloaded all of them and still no Govnah
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    NVM followed Webos internals guide to installing Preware on 2.0 with palm-install command line. For some reason WOSQI v4.04 wont install the newest feeds

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