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    I bought a Pre+ off ebay and it came with a pin set. I don't have that pin and am having trouble contacting the former owner.

    Is there a way to get in without the pin???
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    If the phone was left in 'dev mode' by the seller you can go about using Webos Quick Install to add the 'Bypass Pin' patch. This is assuming you don't have to unlock the phone for wosqi to work... which I am unsure of.

    First go to the Webos Quick Install thread and follow the steps to install wosqi. (you will not be able to select the 'Just Charge' option with the phone locked, but that is what the phone is doing anyway so I'm hoping you can just skip that step)

    Once completed, simply click the world icon in the wosqi program and select the patches section, find the 'Bypass Pin' patch and have it installed. Restart your phone and next time you turn it on it should simply bypass the pin screen. You can then go into the 'Screen & lock' settings, change the pin, and remove the patch via Preware (which can also be installed with wosqi) or with wosqi if you like.

    I can not guarantee this will work but I don't have any other ideas how to help. You can send me a private message if you have any other questions or maybe someone else on the forums can give you a more solid work around.
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    if it isn't in dev mode, can he just run webos doctor and start over?
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    I'd say Doctor it either way. It's a strange phone. Might be all mucked up inside.
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    Yeah I have to agree with just going with the Doctor. Don't know why I had to be difficult . Let us know if everything works out.
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    Thanks guys. I doctored the thing.
    IGot the webos doc from the palm site and ran it. Slow but it worked.
    Restarted from go and it works fine.

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