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    sorry for posting this thread but I cant find correct information, theres a lot of them and Im confused.

    I bought my Pre a few months ago. It has installed webOS 1.4.5, but with previous owner name and settings. I didnt care about it but now I want to have clean Pre with my own name and settings. Now I dont know what to do for the first step, second etc.

    Ive downloaded and installed webOS Quick Install 4.04, installed Novacom, downloaded webOSdoctor and Ive some basic skills about installing games, patches etc.

    So here is my few questions (sorry for them I know theres a lot of threads with these problems but as I said I dont know where to start):

    a) If I use Device Info - Reset Options - Full Erase it will set my phone to factory settings with webOS 1.0 and ask me for first use?

    b) How to install new webOS and is available webOS 2.0 for Pre or still only 1.4.5? What I have to download?

    c) How to Homebrew my phone?

    d) If its something important please tell me.

    Thank you so much for your informations :-)
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    I found some informations about webOS 2.1, but dont know what version Ive to download. Im from Czech Republic and now my Device Informations are:
    Carrier: ROW
    Firmware: CU0.5.42(257)
    Configuration: World Ready 1.3
    dont know If these informations can help ...
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    You might try this location for doctors:
    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    Also, you might try using and entering your serial number (under the battery).
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    Upgrading to 2.1 should be done once you have a clean 1.4.5 doctor installed, is my recommendation.
    Check out this thread: for the blow-by-blow details of how to upgrade, or visit the wiki page: WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals for the condensed version of how to get 2.1

    I have it on my Pre+ and it works great. It does take some technical know-how to get it running, though, so be advised.

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